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Projection Systems

Protection Systems

We can design, supply, install and commission complete machinery protection and diagnostic systems for reciprocating compressors.

It typically costs $100,000 to overhaul a compressor for a scheduled outage,. Having a compressor fail and reducing, or worse still, shutting down production can cost many times that. A better approach is to plan for any required maintenance by foreseeing any looming problems that may cause a failure or shutdown.

Compressor Protection Systems – Using a cabinet mounted monitoring system connected to field installed vibration, acceleration, pressure and position transducers, the machine can be protected through every half a degree of rotation. Protecting your machine from scenarios such as: Excessive Load, Liquid Ingestion, Worn Rings, Loose Internal Components and more.

Compressor On-line Condition Monitoring - A computer-based tool connected to the protection system, capturing mechanical and performance data on the machine. Comparing real-time data to an operating baseline or theoretical condition provides early indication of problems and avoids unplanned downtime. The software tracks key indicators of performance and condition: Power, Rod Load, Capacity, Efficiency, Leaking Valves, Packings and Rings, Improper Valve Operation, Crosshead and Piston Knocks and Frame Vibration. Correlation of all events with a reference signal gives the ability to determine exact problems or condition of the machine.

Whether you require a stand-alone protection system or a complete on-line diagnostic system – we have the capabilities.