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Project Services

Project Services

Cleagh Compression Services is made up of a multi-discipline team enabling us to offer a wide range of services to compliment your project.

Project Management

We provide professional project management services that lead to results. We understand the importance of execution; that delivering your project on time, and on budget with superior quality are determining factors in the success of your project.

Design & Field Engineering

Our experienced team provide design and field services to the highest standard, both in the office and at remote locations, off and onshore.

Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Design

With technical competencies in compressor package design, dynamic and thermodynamic analysis, control systems, instrumentation and fabrication, we are able to provide customised service and quality second to none.

Pulsation studies, package and torsional vibration analysis are undertaken through our preferred third party suppliers.

Process Design Review

We can assist with detailed process design reviews. We look at all factors of the compressor operating profile and ensure that everything is suitable for the demanding duty required by the nature of reciprocating compressors.

Package Re-engineering / Configuration

If conditions have changed, and your compressor needs to operate in a different envelope from original design, we can engineer and implement changes to suit the revised operating envelope.

Control System Upgrades / Changes

Does your compressor have an obsolete or ‘pre-historic’ control system? We are able to design, supply and commission new PLC control systems for compressor packages.

Installation & Field Services

Our staff’s detailed knowledge ensures a seamless and effective transfer from the design and manufacturing phase to the installation phase.

Our site managers are integral to your project’s success. The team are highly experienced professionals to provide you with the same high quality product regardless of where you operate in the world.

FAT / SAT Witness

We are available to witness any factory or site performance tests anywhere.